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lupo Manager 1.2

An Adobe® AIR® application, easily extract strings from your source code
1.2 (See all)

With lupo manager, an Adobe® AIR® application, easily extract strings from your source code, manage resource bundles and implement i18n logic in your Adobe Flex® / Adobe AIR applications, in a very productive way.
Main features:
-Parse ActionScript and MXML code using a smart search engine to find the strings which should be localized.
-Automatically extract those strings by creating the corresponding key/value pair in your properties files
-Replace extracted strings by ActionScript code, at the same time you extract them.
-You keep complete control over the key naming and code generation.
-Forget syntax errors: edit key / value pairs in a super simple spreadsheet, and preview the resulting properties file.
-Easily search, filter, sort your bundles contents.
-Key refactoring : renaming a key will rename all instances of this key in every locale file of the related bundle.
-For values representing embedded image files, such as icons, it displays the actual icons, not just the file path.
-Agile and simple workflow: create a translation project, send it to your translator, and import it back when (s)he's done.
-Export / import simple CSV files or complete translation projects for Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools
-Choose which language(s) to include for translation, and which other language(s) should be "read-only"
-Importing lets you preview the resulting translations files before merging them to the actual source code.
-Compiler command lines generation, such as Adobe Flex Builder ® "additional compiler arguments"
-AS3 and MXML code generation : easily implement the actual i18n logic in your application. Resource Bundles metadatas, an Array of available languages, and other advanced tools to create more sophisticated classes encapsulating your bundles data.

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